Your Resume Rescue

We at ThirdQuarter have seen literally thousands of resumes and cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.  We have also reviewed hundreds of publications and advice on what the ‘ultimate’ resume should look like and what it should include. 

So much so that we are as confused as most job seekers and even more so for job seekers who have not created a resume in many years or are suddenly in the job market and wondering what in the world is going on. 

In the next several weeks we are posting the best of the best advice that we have encountered and the best advice that is right on target for 2015-2016.  Even the best advice from say, 2008, is not really relevant given the rapid pace of technology and the part it plays in the job seeking market.

To kickstart the series, we have put together this simple 8-minute guide to creating your resume. It'll take you 8 minutes to read, probably an hour or two to implement and will reflect years of experience and abilities. 

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