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The Age Advantage—How Age Can be an Advantage in Your Job Search. An 11-part video series on the challenges and approaches for Baby Boomers in today’s job market. Highlights: the hard and soft skills needed to overcome employer objections re: ‘over-qualified’ and’ too old,’ age diversity and wardrobe tips for men and women. (Length: Approx. 5-8 mins. per segment)

55 and Better: Helping Mature Workers Get Good Jobs through an Industry Sector Focused Approach Showcasing the "mature worker sector initiative," designed to help mature workers get good jobs while better connecting their talents with employer needs. (Length: 1 hour, 32 mins.)

Multi-Generational Workforce: How Hiring Managers View 50+ Workers Parts 1 to 4—A presentation by Rebecca Martin, career coach, trainer, recruiter, motivational speaker, founder and owner of Dear Jane - a career advice firm. Highlights: how 50+ workers handle stress, the importance of social networking to the 50+ job hunter and the value of mature workers to employers.
Part 1: (Length: 9 mins.)
Part 2: (Length: 9 mins.)
Part 3: (Length: 9 mins.)
Part 4: (Length: 7 mins.)