ThirdQuarter - recruitment services for experienced workers

We are a national non-profit organization, specializing in recruitment services for mature Canadian job seekers aged 45 and up, who are in the “third quarter” of their careers. 

ThirdQuarter exists to bridge the gap between talented people looking for work and the businesses that need their experience and expertise.

We know that your maturity and experience are assets in today’s workplace. We match the skills required for available positions out there with the qualifications of seasoned applicants like you, to the mutual benefit of both.


Scheduled Shutdown of Job Portal Saturday April 26th from 6am to 7pm EDT.

The Recruitment System which includes the Job Alerts, Job Opportunities and Registration process, will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from Saturday, April 26th from 6am to 7pm EDT. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause 

For more information about this notice, please contact one of our agents by calling toll free 1-877-427-7717 or email them at

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Blogs: Our bloggers offer fresh perspectives, thoughts and musings on a wide range of topics. We are always looking for fresh opinions. If there is a topic you would like to blog about, please send us a brief email and let us know what you would like to write about or send us copy to look at. Click here to visit our blogsite.


Info-Exhange: We want to share your job search tips and success stories with other ThirdQuarter friends.Maybe it’s a key phrase you used at an interview? How did you tackle a tough interview question?  Let us know how you turned lemons into lemonade and we will post your tips and advice on this page and use your experiences to help other job seekers.Submit your tips to us via email at:

ThirdQuarter Bookshelf:  The bookshelf features books and publications that we have read and want to recommend to you as a resource. Send us your own favorite picks on publications that will help others in their working life and job journey.


  Resume Builder:  If you do not have a recent resume, you can create one with this easy-to-use resume builder.    It is a good idea to have someone else read over your resume with fresh eyes and help you see yourself as an employer might see you.  Avoid things like bold or odd fonts, decorative bullets or designs, colors or images or photos of yourself.  


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A Guide for Midlife Career Moves

This is for job seekers aged 45+.It helps you take stock of where you are now and where you want to be.  You'll learn to identify the skills you currently have and how to apply them in a wide variety of work settings. Click here to read more and to download the guide..

Retaining and Supporting Mature Workers

According to this study commissioned by CARP and Ceridian, the traditional nine-to-five, five-day work week doesn’t appeal to many who are choosing to work beyond retirement age. Click here to read more and to download the report. Balancing the needs of the blended workforce is a view-anytime webinar that follows this theme. 

More Boomers Becoming "Boomerpreneurs"

As baby boomers in Canada leave the rat race, they’re increasingly shunning any notions of a retirement as they jump into entrepreneurship in ever-growing numbers. Click here to read more.