About Us


Our apologies but we are unable to serve our valued clients and candidates as of March 1, 2017.  Due to discontinuation of our funding for this service, we have had to close our operations of direct service.  We encourage candidates to contact other organizations in your region such as The Career Foundation in Toronto and other government offices. 

We have loved serving you since 2010 and for the past five years have worked with over 50,000 candidates.  However the high demand for our work, we have not been able to secure funding for this nonprofit service. 

Thank you to everyone for your interest and we sincerely wish you well in your job journey.

Our Mission:

To bring together experienced job candidates in Canada who are 45 + with companies and organizations. 
Our Vision:

To be the premier job service for mature Canadians by successfully and consistently meeting the needs and expectations of our candidates, companies and partners.
Our Goal:

To help companies and candidates find the best skills match for the available position in the shortest time possible.
Our Aims:

At ThirdQuarter our efforts are rooted in and reflective of the following corporate aims: